Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kingdom of Wonder (Cambodia) Kingdom of Million Elephants (Laos)

Cambodia and Laos are known as the countries that have a long history in Southeast Asia. They share the same religion and similar culture in some ways. Being known as the former parts of Indochina countries during the French colonial, these two countries have become the interesting tourist sites of the region and the world in this modern era. Therefore, are there any attractive places which are worth to visit while staying in each countries?  

Let’s start from Cambodia. Cambodia is considered as one of the popular tourist sites and it is called Kingdom of Wonder, based on the plenty of cultures and the fabulous temples located all over the country. Tourists can plan their trip to Cambodia by thinking of visiting the gorgeous temples in Angkor area as well as the highlighted temples of Angkor. What’s more, they should not miss the chance to see the remote temples which are located far away from the town and Angkor area.

Besides Angkor area, there also have villages in the countryside surrounding the town that tourists are able to get another unique experience by exploring the daily life of Khmer people living there and seeing the differences between life in countryside and town. Visiting the countryside, they will have an opportunity to join and learn how to do farming with local farming family as well. By leaving from the land of cultures, our tourists can extend their destinations to visit Phnom Penh, the modern capital city of Cambodia and continue to have beach break at the Southwest part of the country.

Getting back to Laos. Laos is one of the three countries that share the border with Cambodia besides Thailand and Vietnam, and it is also called the Kingdom of Million Elephants, the land that has abundant of elephants living. This country also have many interesting places to see such as temples, natural water fall, and rivers, so on and so forth; the tourists can reach these sites by visiting some provinces and city of Laos – Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and Pakse.

They will have chance to see the building built to dedicate for religion such as Wat Sisaket, Wat Prakeo, and Wat Xiengthong. Also, they are able to visit Pak Ou Cave, Kuangsi waterfall, National Museum, the plain of jars, and so on. Our tourist can travel from Laos to Cambodia back and forth easily due to the fact that these two countries have a good relationship with each other so that tourists can reach each countries by land (crossing the border) or flight, so this can be known as the gateway to Laos and Cambodia for those who would like to have trip for Cambodia and Laos tour

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