Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Tourism is one of the main sectors that helps to develop Cambodia’s economy because this country has abundant of potential resources which are natural resources and cultural resources. Natural resources refer to natural mountains, lakes, forests, river, sea, and island while cultural resources refer to fabulous temples, monuments, museums, traditional show, and some other historical sites such as the killing fields, genocide museum and buildings remaining from colonial period.

Because of peace over the country and political stability, the development of economy as well as the physical infrastructure, and especially, the crucial resources available in the country, TRAILTOAngkortours & Travel was established which was founded by Khmer local people in order to fulfil the needs of tourists that have been increased year by year, and to promote Cambodia tour as well. The company was created in 2015 and it is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Even it has just founded recently, it was built up by a skillful and experience team as the founder and subordinates have experience in this sectors for more than 10 years. TRAILTOAngkortours & Travel provides range of services including hotel accommodation, transportation, tour guide, restaurants, tickets (flight or bus), and other activities available in the country. It also offers the packages that includes the tours in many tourist sites in Cambodia such as Siem Reap tour for those who would like to spend their holiday in Siem Reap or they may prefer to relax at beach sites of Cambodia for their holiday in Sihanoukville.

Since the most popular tourist site in Siem Reap is Angkor tour, we would like to describe some highlights that are recommended to our value clients. First of all, the clients will visit the main temples in Angkor area such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom complex, the suburb temples outside Angkor areas – Banteay Srei, Banteay Samre, Beng Mealea, and Koh Ker temple. Besides temples, clients may visit Kulen Mountain knowing as the natural mountain and sacred place for religious ceremony during the reign of the very first king during Angkor period, King Jayavaraman II. 

Angkor Wat temple
Banteay Srei temple
Bayon temple
Beng Mealea temple

Koh Ker temple

You will also take a countryside tour to explore the life of people living there. You will have an opportunity to involve with those local families by practicing doing some farming activities such as rice planting or harvesting, making palm sugar, riding ox-cart or buffaloes-cart, trying some seasonal fruit or bamboo sticky rice, and especially, having dinner hosted by a local family. In Sihanoukville, you may take yourselves a rest with the fresh air at our beach sites. Besides spectacular scenery and white beaches there, you may take an adventure to visit some beautiful islands such as Koh Rong Island, Kong Rong Sonleoum Island, Song Saa Private Island, and many others as well as all of which will take your breath away because of their lovely view.

Countryside tour

Countryside tour

Koh Rong Island

Song Saa Private Island

Besides providing tour services to our valued clients and minding our own business, we are also caring about our society and of course, we have contributed what we earned from our business to support our people living in the rural area in Siem Reap province. By doing so, our sister company, Community Residence Siem Reap, has founded Rural Hospitality Vocational Training to provide skills and training to our local people in order to qualify for the jobs available in Siem Reap or any other provinces in Cambodia.

This is what we are doing for in order to support our society. We do not just try to survive ourselves but we would love to share what we have earned from our business too. Therefore, we have become the sponsor and partner to support that non-profit organization since we understand that the money that we donate to those poor people does not last long so we provide them the skills so that it is much more useful to them and it can help their living for long term by having a good job from the skills they got from us.

Steven Lor, Sales Manager - TRAILTOAngkortours and Travel