Friday, July 28, 2017

Siem Reap and Countryside Activities (Part ii)
Farming transportation (ox cart & buffalo cart)

In part I of this blog reading, we have known the lives of local people living in the countryside not only Siem Reap but also any other provinces in Cambodia. It also described about the most important job of Khmer people do for living which is agriculture or specifically, it is rice farming. In the process of doing rice farming, transportation is also important due to the fact that farmers will need to transfer farming tools, food, seeds, rice planted, or rice sheaves back and forth from their field and house, and the most popular transportation that they usually use is ox-cart or buffalo-cart.

Rice fields at Bakong village, Siem Reap
Angkor Wat temple

Oxen and buffaloes are not all used based on the region and the culture of people living there. In some provinces, they tend to use oxen rather than buffaloes and some other provinces, on the other hand, buffaloes are widely used than oxen. Being back to the past once machine was not created, ox-cart or buffalo cart was used not only in the process of doing farming but also as the transportation for people to commute from one place to another since it can carry things with which they bring such as clothes, food, or goods. During the period of war, it was also used to transfer weapon and food or any other war equipment to supply for soldiers at the battle fields. The whole cart is made from wood and designed based on Khmer traditional style but now people tend to use rubber wheels instead of wood wheel because when the wheel is broken, rubber wheel is easier to fix than wood wheel.

Ox-cart with wood wheels

Ox-cart with rubber wheels

Now, even technology has been developed and most farmers have change to use machines instead of traditional way, ox-cart and buffalo-cart are still being used by most of Khmer farmers due to the culture and their family's economy. Furthermore, they have become an attractive activity in tourism sector as ox-cart and buffalo-cart ride are included in the countryside tour program. This program, the clients will spend some time to take ox-cart or buffalo ride, walk along the road in the village to explore local school or pagoda with participating blessing ceremony, involve with local farmers to do some agriculture activities available by each seasons and have lunch or dinner hosted by local family.

This article is to show that ox-cart or buffalo-cart is an important tool to use in Khmer people daily life since the ancient time until present. Not only have they facilitated goods and people from one place to another, they have also helped to earn extra profit to our people as well by taking the tourists for a ride to experience the countryside life and spectacular view in the rural area. Furthermore, the cart is also considered as the national identification based on its age and style in Khmer culture. 

Tourists riding buffaloes- cart 
Blessing ceremony

Local school

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Stay tuned for part III, the last part of Siem Reap and Activities blog article! 

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